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Lessons from Consulting

I was recently a consultant. I had served as a board president of a local non-profit senior apartment complex. The management asked me to come back and assist with the technology issues: phone service, TV service, internet service, and so forth. Looking back on the last several months I learned several things → →→

  • Wireless, wireless, wireless – reduces labor cost and easy to replace
  • Cloud base service lives – premise-based is like a “dead man walking! ?
  • Ask, Listen & Learn – ask for details, listen for risk, do more homework
  • Document every detail (not my strong suit) – it will help if problems come up
  • Charge more ( I did this as a favor & looking back – I would not have done it )
So how does that affect our Ultimate services for you?
  • Everything we offer can have a cloud base. (school bells, call accounting reports, appointment reminders, and emergency response system) You have standard SIP we can interface with.
  • We have added wireless triggers for emergencies. We have mobile apps that trigger internal page messages and external voice calls, text messages, and mass message announcements. As a result- you and your customer stay connected.
  •  Niche products may require some local sources & support. We have a national set of dealers that can help. Ultimate is your service partner for these niche applications using remote assistance for installs, training, being a continual consultant for ongoing support and changes.
Software that makes contact illustration
Our Mission: Software that makes Contact.


the “Kiss” Method – still a winner!

Keep it Super Simple – With that in mind, we created SimpliFYI. SimpliFYI is a simple way to send messages (text & email) and manage responses. For example, send a message to all Registered Nurses about an open shift tonight. If you have no quick answer, expand the possible substitutes to all LPN’s & RN’s & BINGO! Someone can help. This application would fit schools, manufacturing & retail during the holidays. Staffing is an issue SimpliFYI is the answer.

Texting Console illustration

People respond to the numbers they recognize. One of the unique new features is that we can now ghost most business line numbers for text messages! That has not been possible until now. Add the Texting Console aspect of SimpliFYI, and you have an organized plan that anyone can use. – in other words: Keep It Super Simple!

Administrators can respond from the interface, and the response goes back to the cell phone as a text or to the sender’s email address. This interface allows you to manage hundreds of communications with ease. Centralize communications with our online service. As you can expect, we would love to show you call this application. We have four short user videos so that anyone can learn. Roy Catron 262.853.65111 or 262.789.9654

Application Marketing

Fill your Shift

Thursday, my wife motioned me to get out of the shower. Our friend, Susan, needed a ride to the hospital. Five days later I am getting the car while the nurse is pushing the wheelchair so we can go home.

My mind is fixed on the issue of the nurse pushing the wheelchair – normally it is an orderly. In fact, this nurse ordered someone else to stay on the floor – so a nurse would be available if needed. This beautiful hospital was short-staffed all weekend creating what would have been a routine procedure and recovery of one or two days into a prolonged & painful hospital visit.

Short-staffed shifts can put lives at risk.

Staff in hospitals or employees building components to fill an order – all these people are like members of a relay team – if you have a missing member, the system breaks down, slows down, and the current squad can suffer. On-shift workers suffer from fatigue, health and safety problems. Covid-19 has created additional risks and challenges, increasing the obstacles operations management and shift schedulers face. Software innovations in staffing and scheduling applications, along with best practices, can help facilities overcome issues with not having enough staff to fill a shift.

Software innovations – that is what SimpliFYI is – a tool that improves communications. So you and your team and be efficient and focus on the patient even when staff is tight.


Responsible for staffing shifts at a hospital? Or getting substitutes in a school district? Again – staffing is hard! Or maybe getting enough people for the second shift while trying to fill backorders? SimpliFYI may be your “Ultimate” employee scheduling technique or service.

Send a text to all qualified medical professionals for acute care. Target all the elementary school substitutes in the area. Contact seasonal employees with one click of the mouse! Send a text to the qualified staff real time and get quick feedback to fill the shift.

The SimpliFYI Texting Console sends, receives, and organizes these requests. Spend minutes, not hours, keeping the shifts filled. Remember everyone has a cell phone; some don’t answer a live call but do see / review & respond to a text!

Patients need care. Students are coming to class. Orders need to be filled. But staff get sick, vacations are taken, and employees leave without notice. Back and forth you go trying to keep floors staffed, substitutes in place, and the line running – we can SimpliFYI the process because everyone has a cellphone and they read every text – and reply on the fly!

  • The text reads Acute Care (ABC Medical Center). Can you take a shift tomorrow from 7 AM to 2 PM? Reply yes. (Time and a half)
  • District 12: Elementary substitute needed for this coming week. Reply yes…
  • Or a text states: XYZ Motors needs second shift assistance. Reply yes (double time rates possible)
Texting Console illustration
SimpliFYI Texting Console
Texting Console
SimpliFYI Texting Console
SimpliFYI your texting business life!

There are a lot of situations where scheduling can be a challenge. Different types of businesses face different obstacles. If your company works in shifts, It can be tough to balance your business needs and your team’s availability. More

Scheduling Tips – The most effective scheduling will work with each employee’s availability, cut down labor costs, and reduce absences. More

NANCY STRATMAN → Nursing Home Administrator, Cuyuna Regional Medical Center: “Ultimate has helped us fill staff positions at our Care Center for many years. The newest application is easier, faster, and better in many ways. The support has been excellent over the years, and now the billing and maintenance are more straightforward too. I asked the scheduler if I should renew.  She said, ‘if I didn’t it would be like cutting off her left arm!’

Case Studies Marketing

911 Case Study

Streaming Signal

We can help with 911 alerts, this is one example: One of our programmers worked with a local organization that has multiple sites and buildings. This group has about 150 employees and needed help with 911 alert calls and other emergencies. I recall hearing the CEO say, “Ten years ago, I would never have dreamed that I would be authorizing an emergency response plan like this.” The controller said, “No one wants to budget for events we hope will never happen, but in today’s’ world; we all know action plans need to be in place…soon!’ (for more information and background)

The first phase: We can help with 911 alerts. For background, most phone systems inform the primary answering station which extension dialed a 911 alert. But for the purposes of this application, let’s assume she was on another call and didn’t notice the alphanumeric display alert. Now, what are they going to do if they don’t know where to send emergency personnel when they arrive? A plan was developed, and that’s where Ultimate Communications and our Alarm & Inform software can help! Any 911 alerts dialed generates real-time data. The A & I service detects the 911 alerts then pinpoints the location and logs the time.

911 alerts plus additional alarms:

Next, the application sends a text to over a dozen staff members with a statement like this: “A 911 alert has occurred at the main building from extension 345 on the second floor near room 175.” This data comes to about a dozen staff members labeled with a user-defined caller identification name and pre-selected phone number. (This ensures a quick response.) Now, if one of the staff is nearby they can press reply and say “I will check into this 911 alert call…” all the emergency members receive this reply which can reduce duplication of efforts. When he or she arrives and declares the event is now under control he can use his smartphone and send an “all clear” message with our Ultimate mobile application.

We can add our Mass Message Application (MMA) where this customer can send an email or text to all their clients and have them call a number for a detailed audio message during the emergency, or thousands of calls can be made and then hear an update without tying up the phone lines. (Similar to the old-time and temperature number many of us grew up knowing) The first phase: We can help with 911 alerts. For background, most phone systems inform the primary answering station which extension dialed a 911 alert. But for the purposes of this application, let’s assume she was on another call and didn’t notice the alphanumeric display alert. Now, what are they going to do if they don’t know where to send emergency personnel when they arrive? A plan was developed, and that’s where Ultimate Communications and our Alarm & Inform software can help! Any 911 alerts dialed generates real-time data. The A & I service detects the 911 alerts then pinpoints the location and logs the time. p using). For background, most phone systems inform the primary answering station which extension dialed a 911 alert. But for the purposes of this application, let’s assume she was on another call and didn’t notice the alphanumeric display alert. Now, what are they going to do if they don’t know where to send emergency personnel when they arrive?

Custom fit for you

Phase three is an option with onsite software and hardware. Alarm and Inform (A & I ) can take another step by connecting to the current phone system and including an audio page and/or visual indication of some type of emergency. In this example, let’s assume someone bypassed the front office check-in desk. The front desk can press a button (on the phone or under the desk) which can create alerts to the dozen staff above and play an audio announcement through the paging system, something like, “We have a code blue at the middle school – code blue, thank you!” The teachers know that this means to casually walk to the door and secure it until the all-clear message is sent. This same message can be displayed as a banner on the top or bottom computer screens too. 

This case study has a new twist: recently a child at one campus had an accident at recess. 911 alert was called – our Smart-911 alert system worked fine, the alarming thing is the original 911 alert call using an IP telephone service never reached the local 911 alert center! Apparently, the IP phone service was not under the same restrictions as a traditional telephone line service. The Ultimate Smart911 service is a wise component of this organization’s emergency response plan. In today’s world – this is more important than ever – We can help with 911 alerts!

Alarms and Information
Case study

This service is for a reasonable monthly fee plus installation – no PC is required and no call accounting just the SMDR data feed via IP. Whether your facility is a school, an office building, or a manufacturing plant- being prepared is the BEST way to rapidly disseminate accurate emergency information before, during, and after an emergency situation. A & I can help you get information to the target staff on the right device in real-time for faster, more efficient responses. Emergency events and/or crisis situations require communicating with many people quickly and efficiently.

cloud service, premise plug-ins, inplace equipment

We blend software, hardware, and cloud services to integrate existing alarms and communication systems so your current technologies can start to work together. Pre-recorded messages are clear and reassuring. They provide accurate and articulate instructions to your students, employees, and/or colleagues are the best method of delivery. Text-to-speech technology expands your options even further. Ultimate Communications can offer different hardware, software, and cloud service systems to fit your application and budget. For example: in an office complex or manufacturing plant, strobe lights and overhead paging horns can be interfaced to existing hardware to deliver the message in your own voice. In other applications such as schools, critical; notifications for a wide range of emergencies situations are available.

Application Marketing


Gather data for better analytics

Customer service is essential, but management seems to have a difficult time obtaining hard data. In the last several years, many vendors I call end our conversation with a customer survey transfer. Without data, it becomes difficult for managers to measure performance. Now with Ultimate Communicator, gathering agent data is easy. Meaningful feedback to managers leads to better performance.

gathering customer data is Customer service

Historically, our industry named these applications Interactive Voice Response systems or IVR. SimpliFYI can provide analytics & IVR. We hope they will be known as Ultimate Communicator. IVR applications had a high price and long development time. But now, with Ultimate Communicator, any customer can get performance analytics for less than the cost of a full-featured SIP phone and be installed in days not months. Remember, customer service is essential.

Ultimate Communicator works in 3 easy steps:

1) An agent transfers a call to the authorized number.
2) Ultimate Communicator then asks the questions and documents the results. 
3) Reports are delivered to management to drill down as needed to improve training, target marketing programs, and increase or decrease staffing. 

Easier Faster Better – the Ultimate difference

the Ultimate Communicator
the Ultimate Communicator – software that makes contact

To Learn More

Texting Console and Customer surveys

Application Marketing

Why Streaming Signal

Many educational centers, factories, or community centers have outdated overhead paging systems. These dated systems are tied to analog or digital technology and would be expensive to modernize, with most technology now being cloud-based. Streaming Signal is a bridge to the future for thousands of these situations. You won’t need a government grant to move forward. You can afford to move forward with your operating budget.  Finally, this new bridge expands paging from audio-only to audio, visual with audio and video make your organization informed and safer.

Blend audio, visual, and video across the internet? In the year 2020, cloud services are the norm for data networks. Telecom services, security, and almost anything else, businesses need a cloud component or base.  One area that has failed to keep up is overhead paging systems.  As businesses upgrade phone systems, the paging needs to keep up. (to do that costs a fortune) Factories and healthcare centers may have cloud services that upgrade networks, but it is expensive to rewire or add a paging system to the existing building – businesses need a cloud component. Streaming Signal adds that for you.

Blending digital signage with clear & audible messages is beyond most budgets. As a result, most existing schools, manufacturing plants, libraries, or civic complexes wait until the next government grant – that can take years! –A turning point – Ultimate Software has been ringing bells and generating emergency alerts for over twenty years through OnTimeforAnything products nationwide. OnTimeforAnything was a premise-based software application. Now we have worked with every type of paging system. Many have been in place for multiple decades.

Streaming Signal

We moved our application to the cloud for school bells or factory whistles. BUT paging was still an issue. Streaming Signal became the “missing link” for paging technology. While blending multi-casting, & triggered with cellular, and network technology with low-cost tools enable any existing system to fast-forward for external audio and visual messages to stay on schedule and enhance safety.

Just imagine…pressing

a button on your cell phone to announce that school has started. Use an office phone and trigger a fire drill alert and change the hall TV screen to indicate which door to exit. That is Streaming Signal! Blend audio, visual and video across the internet? Your students are outside at recess, and then the supervising teacher’s phone signals the end of the break with a tone and picture. That is Streaming Signal! A parent arrives at the office to pick up a student for a medical appointment. Steaming Signal enables office staff to contact the student room, and the teacher can talk-back through a streaming signal microphone. That’s crazy; No – it is Streaming Signal!

The applications are endless. Share positive information over the paging system or to a list of customers. It’s not a budget buster! In the past, budgets were not big enough, and the technology demanded too much bandwidth or network resources to be practical. Streaming Signal changes the rules. You can try it for free! Now your can blend audio, visual, and video across the internet. Click the red button to the right for information about a free trial.

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Application Case Studies

A Case Study

Audio Call

Realtime Rider updates – listen to a message → →

Ultimate worked with a local dealer to help a customer send real-time rider updates. This customer serves the regional residents that need transportation. Residents may be older and need a ride to the doctor. And others may be unable to drive and need a ride to work. In this case, we are talking about thousands of trips every month. The challenge is letting the resident know when the ride will arrive. For example, traffic, weather, and distance can delay the planned arrival time.

For example, these residents can’t wait in the rain if the ride is late. Furthermore, the company can’t call everyone all the time. The transportation company software has real-time traffic updates. Consequently, what Ultimate does is take these updates and calls or texts the resident about arrival times. Realtime Rider Updates! Not only that, residents recognize the caller ID number and name, so they answer the call. Finally, the message is personalized (mentions the rider’s name) to the resident with text to speech technology. 

Send any Message to Anyone at any Time illustration - Realtime Rider Updates

    Hi, Bob Jones, this is Transportation Service Company. Your scheduled ride is at 2:00 this afternoon. This trip is delayed by ten minutes due to the weather. Your new scheduled time is 2:10 this afternoon. We are sorry fo the inconvenience. Again, your schedule time is now 2:10 today. If you must reschedule, you may press any key on your phone, if you press any key your will be transferred to our dispatching service time. We look forward to seeing you at 2:10 today. Thank for allowing Transportation Ser vice Company to serve you. Goodbye ”

The keys to this successful application are our integration into the company scheduling software. Equally important, is the text-to-speech personalization of the messages. Plus, we insert the resident name and scheduled pickup time. Additional benefits available are: multiple languages, call reports, text updates, and in this case, they can contact all residents with occasional “public service information” as needed.

This unique integration has now become a standard feature for our real-time Appointment Reminders Software. Please, call us for more information. We assist with these personalized calls and reminders for any real-time delivery, time-sensitive information, or appointment reminder needs you to manage. Some additional examples: are prescription fulfillment, transportation services (airline, cab services, school bus arrivals), stock market updates, service appointment delays, and supply chain inventory alerts). Contact us by phone, text, or email – we might be able to help you.

Custom Software Case Study – We can set up a demo or an online session to discuss your application → →

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