What I Learned as a Consultant

You have heard – those who can’t sell – consult!?!

That may be true of some but not me (Roy Catron – President). I used to be a consultant, in recent history I was board president of a local non-profit senior apartment complex. The management asked me to come back and assist with the technology issues: phone service, TV service, internet service and so forth. Looking back on the last several months I learned several things → →→

top lessons:
  • Wireless, wireless, wireless – reduces labor cost and easy to replace
  • Cloud base service lives – premise-based is like a “dead man walking! 🙁
  • Ask, Listen & Learn – ask for details, listen for risk, do more homework
  • Document every detail (not my strong suit) – it will help if problems come up
  • Charge more ( I did this as a favor & looking back – I would not have done it )
So how does that affect our Ultimate services for you?
  • Everything we offer can have a cloud base. (school bells, call accounting reports, appointment reminders and emergency response system) You have standard SIP we can interface.
  • We have added wireless triggers for emergencies. We have mobile apps that trigger internal page messages and external voice calls, text messages and mass message announcements. As a result- you and your customer stay connected.
  •  Niche products we have few local sources and support (like door entry systems).  Ultimate is your service partner for these niche applications using remote assistance for installs, training, being a continual consultant and ongoing support – for dealers the website is and the main website is
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