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Customer service is essential, but management seems to have a difficult time obtaining hard data. In the last several years, many vendors I call end our conversation with a customer survey transfer. Without data, it becomes difficult for managers to measure performance. Now with Ultimate Communicator, gathering agent data is easy. Meaningful feedback to managers leads to better performance.

gathering customer data is Customer service

Historically, our industry named these applications Interactive Voice Response systems or IVR. SimpliFYI can provide analytics & IVR. We hope they will be known as Ultimate Communicator. IVR applications had a high price and long development time. But now, with Ultimate Communicator, any customer can get performance analytics for less than the cost of a full-featured SIP phone and be installed in days not months. Remember, customer service is essential.

Ultimate Communicator works in 3 easy steps:

1) An agent transfers a call to the authorized number.
2) Ultimate Communicator then asks the questions and documents the results. 
3) Reports are delivered to management to drill down as needed to improve training, target marketing programs, and increase or decrease staffing. 

Easier Faster Better – the Ultimate difference

the Ultimate Communicator
the Ultimate Communicator – software that makes contact

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