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Why Streaming Signal

Many educational centers, factories, or community centers have outdated overhead paging systems. These dated systems are tied to analog or digital technology and would be expensive to modernize, with most technology now being cloud-based. Streaming Signal is a bridge to the future for thousands of these situations. You won’t need a government grant to move forward. You can afford to move forward with your operating budget.  Finally, this new bridge expands paging from audio-only to audio, visual with audio and video make your organization informed and safer.

Blend audio, visual, and video across the internet? In the year 2020, cloud services are the norm for data networks. Telecom services, security, and almost anything else, businesses need a cloud component or base.  One area that has failed to keep up is overhead paging systems.  As businesses upgrade phone systems, the paging needs to keep up. (to do that costs a fortune) Factories and healthcare centers may have cloud services that upgrade networks, but it is expensive to rewire or add a paging system to the existing building – businesses need a cloud component. Streaming Signal adds that for you.

Blending digital signage with clear & audible messages is beyond most budgets. As a result, most existing schools, manufacturing plants, libraries, or civic complexes wait until the next government grant – that can take years! –A turning point – Ultimate Software has been ringing bells and generating emergency alerts for over twenty years through OnTimeforAnything products nationwide. OnTimeforAnything was a premise-based software application. Now we have worked with every type of paging system. Many have been in place for multiple decades.

Streaming Signal

We moved our application to the cloud for school bells or factory whistles. BUT paging was still an issue. Streaming Signal became the “missing link” for paging technology. While blending multi-casting, & triggered with cellular, and network technology with low-cost tools enable any existing system to fast-forward for external audio and visual messages to stay on schedule and enhance safety.

Just imagine…pressing

a button on your cell phone to announce that school has started. Use an office phone and trigger a fire drill alert and change the hall TV screen to indicate which door to exit. That is Streaming Signal! Blend audio, visual and video across the internet? Your students are outside at recess, and then the supervising teacher’s phone signals the end of the break with a tone and picture. That is Streaming Signal! A parent arrives at the office to pick up a student for a medical appointment. Steaming Signal enables office staff to contact the student room, and the teacher can talk-back through a streaming signal microphone. That’s crazy; No – it is Streaming Signal!

The applications are endless. Share positive information over the paging system or to a list of customers. It’s not a budget buster! In the past, budgets were not big enough, and the technology demanded too much bandwidth or network resources to be practical. Streaming Signal changes the rules. You can try it for free! Now your can blend audio, visual, and video across the internet. Click the red button to the right for information about a free trial.

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