On Time for Anything

OnTimeforAnything software & service provides web-based school bells, factory whistles, and safety alarms. In other words, our technology will make sure your organization is safer & on time! Build multiple schedules and automatically adjust at any time. React to an emergency situation with the right message or sound internal alarms discreetly. Contact personnel via voice, text, and email quickly.

 Who can use this?

  • New locations – this is cloud-based!
  • Existing IP, data even analog systems – upgrade older technology without rewiring.
  • Integrate or migrate – our budget-friendly solution is easy to use and install!

In other words, any new, existing, or even old paging system can get an update with OnTimeforAnything! Pre-recorded messages are clear and reassuring. They provide accurate and articulate instructions to your students, employees, and/or colleagues. This is the best practice and the best method of urgent message delivery. Text-to-speech technology expands your options even further. Ultimate can offer different hardware, software, and cloud service systems to fit your application and budget. For example: in an office complex or manufacturing plant, strobe lights and overhead paging horns can be interfaced with existing hardware to deliver the message in your own voice.

In other applications such as schools: critical notifications for a wide range of emergency situations are available.
School Bell Software

Additional features:

  • Class bells, end of shift signals, closing time warning, timed ad’s like reminders for social distancing
  • Connections to intercoms/telephone & paging systems for a seamless response 
  • Smartphone wireless button and S.M.D.R. triggers
  • Real-time or set time paging, district-wide by Zone, even by specific area (like a room or lab) 
  • rigger alarms by cell phone, wireless buttons, movement, temperature variation, wired panic buttons, timed events
  • With Streaming Signal you can even have talkback communications with to specific locations!
  • Multi-casting 

We can show you the application with our Ultimate Demo and even set up a test system if appropriate.


 “Organizations buy and use the scheduling software but get it funded because it makes everyone safer.

Great for schools, training centers, factories, libraries or museums. We will make your job easier, faster, and better!

  • Life needs order – OnTimeforAnything has scheduling software for shifts, classes, for daily activities. Built-in calendar for periodic events like staff meetings, assemblies, or annual picnics.
  • Life is fragile – OnTimeforAnything can serve to trigger alerts and send needed messages to keep life safer. For example; Hotels and schools need panic buttons for teachers and housekeeping staff.
  • Life changes – OnTimeforAnything has many pieces that can be added to keep the puzzle in shape. The system can start with two pieces like a cell phone and our cloud service for messaging by voice, text, and email and grow as life changes – like the unexpected, in the past we would have said “this emergency” will never happen – but not today.