Boy Scout Troop 339 
Our Troop celebrate 60 years in Scouting and wanted to invite everyone.  The problem is that we only had  emails going back past 10 years.  We had phone numbers that were decades old for all the families and addresses; and who knew if there were still current?  We did not have the resources to call 400+ phone numbers.   Mailing was too expensive to an unqualified address list.  “Contact Them” was the perfect solution.   It was affordable and we could discern from the reports which numbers were no longer in service.  We were also able to have a customizable message that the staff at “Contact Them” helped us compose to get the best return on our efforts.    
Not only was our event a huge success because “Contact Them” helped us dial the 400+ past members in minutes but we were also able to send reminder messages as the event came closer.      As the planner I know that our attendance of scout masters and scouts as far back as the 1960’s was because of this technology.  We are planning another large event next year and we plan to contact “Contact Them” again to help us with our marketing.   Boy Scout Troop 339 can’t thank Roy and his team enough for their software and it assistance to make our event soar like an Eagle!  

-	Ellen Buchanan 
-	Membership Chair Troop 339 
Contact Them software and services

Community applications of Contact Them – Better Volunteer Communications. This page highlights several benefits of our service, provides brochure links and page links for more details.

Better Volunteer Communications:
  • Soccer, intramural sports of all types (for practice and games schedules changes, updates) 
  • Recruit assistance for civic group events
  • Target groups for any sorority or fraternal  order about organizational meetings
    • ← Click on the image to the left to review the Los Angles Times article (our service helped recruit for the event)
Worship Center
Focus on faith based organizations – All of us need better communications
  • Board meetings
  • Churches, Temples, Mosques services updates
  • Special events 
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Weather and healthcare updates
  • Lockdowns  

Non-profit illustration (Contact Them software and services )
Not for Profit Organizations
  • Non-Profit announcements
  • Organizational meeting
  • Contribution thank you memos /reminders
  • Community applications of Contact Them – these profit non-profit organizations! 

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