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Send any Message any Time to Anyone

Deliver any message any time using the Ultimate Communicator. No hardware, no software, no hassle – just results! Finally, an easy way to send personal voice calls, text messages with one click of a button.  Trigger a campaign of calls from any phone. (think of this as your mobile call app for your smartphone!) Now spark interest lighting fast! Whether your facility is a school, an office building, or a manufacturing plant.  (Voice Messages, Video Messages, SMS/MMS Text, or Email)

Ultimate Communicator offers local database management and gives you the option of cloud-based files for common messages and personnel distribution. The cloud files enable you to trigger a campaign to be triggered from a tablet or phone when you can’t get access to a computer. The local database management keeps your data in-house and prevents managing multiple software systems. Pre-recorded messages are clear and reassuring. They provide accurate and articulate instructions to your students, employees, or colleagues and the best method of delivery. Text-to-speech technology expands your options even further, in other words, deliver any message any time!

Send an audio message to any size group. (2 minute overview)
Be Prepared with the Ultimate Communicator:
  • Call all team members about a canceled practice – saves time and frustration 
  • Text a link to key investors – for real-time education
  • Contact all parents to say that school will be released early – weather-related announcement
  • Text employees about an important meeting. – Send a COVID-19 survey link with the text
  • Send the message in many languages – voice, email, or text.
  • Inform residents or guests of a change affecting service – like a water leak in the region that could affect water pressure.
  • Update clients of a health care concern – like the COVID 19 vaccine distribution
  • Reminders like; service or sales call, hair color & cut, pet vet appointment, or delivery requiring D&A paperwork – reminders make money and reduce cost

The Ultimate Communicator can help you get information to the target staff. Communicate on the right device in real-time for faster, more efficient responses.

How it works! – detailed video of how to send any message

Build your Contact Lists illustration - Deliver any message any time
Build, edit and save your contact lists
Interface illustration - Deliver any message any time
Import, save, edit your scripts
Report / Edit and communicate with clients illustration - Deliver any message any time
Report schedule and results

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