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Several Examples – target a market, personalize a message and connect live to confirm. Target regular restaurant customers. Send a special two meals for the price of one and extended happy hour to help fill the seats on slower days. Send a text or audio message for a contest. “Win ten free replacement windows. Press any key and be transferred to our on-staff team, and the 50th contact will win!” The majority of calls today go to voice mail, BUT if they answer, you want instant live interaction with one-touch to connect – Contact Them gives that to your staff.

“Ultimate worked to personalized the software in our database to automate these calls, saving us time and money and has freed us up valuable resources to do other things increasing our productivity. They also added a feature that will facilitate the distribution of our customer service surveys, which was a manual and tedious process.” TRACY BOND – GREAT VALLEY POOL SERVICE

Send text promotions from your main business number, then get text responses at a central web-based interface. Target a market, personalize a message, and connect live to confirm. Contact Them works with your data out of the box.

Text messages can come to your main business number while live calls come in as usual. Sell, recruit, promote, market, & survey customers. Blend this with our web-based real-time texting console for text and emails. Increase sales, recruit volunteers, fill an event seat, or add staff for a shift. All this adds up to a marketing service engine that calls, texts, and emails without demanding a lot of costly staff. You can customize an interface to automate the process.

Using SimpliFYI to redirect inbound calls automatically
Streaming Signal
Share Visual, Audio, and Video with Streaming Signal
Tracy’s Custom Application
Gather customer data

“Our Troop celebrate 60 years in Scouting and wanted to invite everyone.  The problem is that we only had emails going back the past ten years.  We had phone numbers that were decades old for all the families and addresses; and who knew if there were still current?  We did not have the resources to call 400+ phone numbers.   The mailing was too expensive for an unqualified address list.  “Contact Them” was the perfect solution.   It was affordable, and we could discern from the reports which numbers were no longer in service.  We were also able to have a customizable message that the staff at “Contact Them” helped us compose to get the best return on our efforts.    Not only was our event a huge success because “Contact Them” helped us dial the 400+ past members in minutes, but we were also able to send reminder messages as the event came closer.      As the planner, I know that our attendance of scoutmasters and scouts as far back as the 1960s was because of this technology.  We are planning another large event next year, and we plan to contact “Contact Them” again to help us with our marketing.   Boy Scout Troop 339 can’t thank Roy and his team enough for their software and its assistance in making our event soar like an Eagle! “ Ellen Buchanan Membership Chair Troop 339

Features, Features ->

  • Combine your audio and text into one message
  • Cloud service or network-based management of messages
  • Schedule the time and pace of the message distribution
  • Message inventory indicator /   Blackout hours
  • Multiple retries as needed / Record audio in your voice
  • Static messages and groups / Dynamic messages and groups

& -> More Features

  • Calls & texts reflect your business number
  • One-touch transfer to your staff at the office
  • Build scripts ahead of time or as needed
  • This is a marketing service engine
  • Thirty or more languages with multiple voice actors
  • Text to speech / Reports / Personalized messages

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