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No one wants to budget for events we hope will never happen, but in today’s world, we all know action plans need to be in place … soon!

Trigger alarms → send messages.

Alarm & Inform (A & I) allows staff to trigger alarms & send messages. Alarm & Inform – with our service in place, your staff can react to intruders, hazards, 911 calls, weather conditions, active shooters by triggering the appropriate alarm message. When the trigger is activated A & I will be sent the right message to the targeted staff and authorities. The message can be discreet if someone passed by the sign-in station of the secured area of manufacturing. Or the message can be loud and intrusive if a lockdown trigger is pushed our application moves into action at a school. Each message can have a separate list of contacts that can get the details via text, email, telephone call, overhead page, or campus-wide visual / or video instructions.

Again, trigger alarms → send messages, and A & I is scalable – grows as needs change. – add cameras, blend in the fire safety system, wireless panic buttons, and so forth. Most organization start with several triggers and messages which fits into almost any current operational budget. Our team of experts can provide you with options. Ultimate has been sending alert messages for many years. We can help you with an online demonstration and provide the needed materials and pricing that these options require. Our service is cloud-based, and your staff controls access. Increase onsite safety and be futureproof with our web-based platform for your changing needs.

trigger alarms & hear information illustration - message can be discreet

Life is fragile – the A & I can serve to trigger alarms & send messages to keep life safer. For example, hotels & schools need panic buttons for housekeeping staff and teachers.

Life changes – the application has many plug-ins to be added to keep you operational and secure. The system can start with our cloud service for messaging and then expand as needs change.

Life needs order – A & I has optional scheduling software for shifts, classes (school bells – even wake-up calls for daily activities.) We also include a built-in calendar for periodic events like staff meetings, assemblies, or annual picnics. Plus, the built-in school bells or factory tones can integrate with most existing paging systems reducing expensive rewiring costs – you can build multiple schedules and automatically adjust for every day, week, or month.

  • For example, an office complex or manufacturing plant may need strobe lights and overhead paging horns. These can integrate and have a direct interface- even with existing hardware to deliver the message in your voice. 
  • In other organizations such as schools, critical notifications for a wide range of emergencies are available. Our software keeps students & staff on schedule, plus our technology will make sure your organization stays safer. Web-based scheduling and varied safety alerts are a classic combination in our application. 
  • In summary, our service keeps organizations safer and on schedule. Additional features: Connections to intercom/telephone & paging systems for a seamless response – Cloud monitoring detects operational issues – Smartphone wireless button and S.M.D.R. – (Station Message Detail Recording) triggers 
  • Live paging, district-wide and school by school – Panic buttons in the front office for instant lockdown – Message can be discreet -Multiple alert triggers and many communication formats – that is A & I.

Ultimate (the company that makes this application) can offer the exact combination of hardware, software, and cloud systems to fit your application and budget. Trigger alarms & send messages add live paging, district-wide and school by school – Panic buttons in the front office for instant lockdown – Multiple alert triggers and many communication formats – that is Alarm & Inform.

Priced varies:

The base service installed is $1470.00 includes daily checking and monthly testing.

Alarm & Inform illustration- message can be discreet

Our solution is priced right and built just for your site. “Organizations buy and use the scheduling software but get it funded because it makes everyone safer.” Great for schools, training centers, factories, libraries, or museums. Whether your facility is a school, an office building, or a manufacturing plant – being prepared is the BEST way to rapidly disseminate accurate emergency information before, during, and after an emergency. 

Our software can trigger alarms → send messages, helping you get key directives to the target staff on the right device in real-time for faster, more efficient responses. Increase safety now at a price anyone can afford and then add options as time and requirements change. Communicate by wired, wireless, internal systems, and mass communications. A & I is a bridge for network services, telecom/paging systems, and fire/alarm/camera installations.

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