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Transportation case study

  • Includes appointment reminders
  • Sends both text and voice calls
  • Reporting
  • Real-time announcements
  • System integration

911 Case study

  • 911 triggers and responses
  • Other alerts and announcements
  • A & I can be your central communications system
  • links or hooks to paging, camera, and security systems

Fill your Shift

  • SimpliFYI the Process
  • Everyone has a cell phone – send a text
  • Spend minutes not hours keeping shifts filled!

KISS method

  • The 70’s business model
  • SimpliFYI
  • Staffing with modern communications

Why Streaming Signal?

  • Overview of overhead paging issues
  • How Streaming Signal can address these issues
  • Markets that need this technology
  • MultiTasking technology


  • Information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics
  • How the Ultimate Communicator can become a survey tool with the touch of a button
  • Automated reports
  • Why this is such an affordable option

Lessons from Consulting

  • 5 takeaways
  • Key links
  • Wireless technology is key
  • Would I do it again?

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