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Thursday, my wife motioned me to get out of the shower. Our friend, Susan, needed a ride to the hospital. Five days later I am getting the car while the nurse is pushing the wheelchair so we can go home.

My mind is fixed on the issue of the nurse pushing the wheelchair – normally it is an orderly. In fact, this nurse ordered someone else to stay on the floor – so a nurse would be available if needed. This beautiful hospital was short-staffed all weekend creating what would have been a routine procedure and recovery of one or two days into a prolonged & painful hospital visit.

Short-staffed shifts can put lives at risk.

Staff in hospitals or employees building components to fill an order – all these people are like members of a relay team – if you have a missing member, the system breaks down, slows down, and the current squad can suffer. On-shift workers suffer from fatigue, health and safety problems. Covid-19 has created additional risks and challenges, increasing the obstacles operations management and shift schedulers face. Software innovations in staffing and scheduling applications, along with best practices, can help facilities overcome issues with not having enough staff to fill a shift.

Software innovations – that is what SimpliFYI is – a tool that improves communications. So you and your team and be efficient and focus on the patient even when staff is tight.


Responsible for staffing shifts at a hospital? Or getting substitutes in a school district? Again – staffing is hard! Or maybe getting enough people for the second shift while trying to fill backorders? SimpliFYI may be your “Ultimate” employee scheduling technique or service.

Send a text to all qualified medical professionals for acute care. Target all the elementary school substitutes in the area. Contact seasonal employees with one click of the mouse! Send a text to the qualified staff real time and get quick feedback to fill the shift.

The SimpliFYI Texting Console sends, receives, and organizes these requests. Spend minutes, not hours, keeping the shifts filled. Remember everyone has a cell phone; some don’t answer a live call but do see / review & respond to a text!

Patients need care. Students are coming to class. Orders need to be filled. But staff get sick, vacations are taken, and employees leave without notice. Back and forth you go trying to keep floors staffed, substitutes in place, and the line running – we can SimpliFYI the process because everyone has a cellphone and they read every text – and reply on the fly!

  • The text reads Acute Care (ABC Medical Center). Can you take a shift tomorrow from 7 AM to 2 PM? Reply yes. (Time and a half)
  • District 12: Elementary substitute needed for this coming week. Reply yes…
  • Or a text states: XYZ Motors needs second shift assistance. Reply yes (double time rates possible)
Texting Console illustration
SimpliFYI Texting Console
Texting Console
SimpliFYI Texting Console
SimpliFYI your texting business life!

There are a lot of situations where scheduling can be a challenge. Different types of businesses face different obstacles. If your company works in shifts, It can be tough to balance your business needs and your team’s availability. More

Scheduling Tips – The most effective scheduling will work with each employee’s availability, cut down labor costs, and reduce absences. More

NANCY STRATMAN → Nursing Home Administrator, Cuyuna Regional Medical Center: “Ultimate has helped us fill staff positions at our Care Center for many years. The newest application is easier, faster, and better in many ways. The support has been excellent over the years, and now the billing and maintenance are more straightforward too. I asked the scheduler if I should renew.  She said, ‘if I didn’t it would be like cutting off her left arm!’

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