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Lessons from Consulting

I was recently a consultant. I had served as a board president of a local non-profit senior apartment complex. The management asked me to come back and assist with the technology issues: phone service, TV service, internet service, and so forth. Looking back on the last several months I learned several things → →→

  • Wireless, wireless, wireless – reduces labor cost and easy to replace
  • Cloud base service lives – premise-based is like a “dead man walking! ?
  • Ask, Listen & Learn – ask for details, listen for risk, do more homework
  • Document every detail (not my strong suit) – it will help if problems come up
  • Charge more ( I did this as a favor & looking back – I would not have done it )
So how does that affect our Ultimate services for you?
  • Everything we offer can have a cloud base. (school bells, call accounting reports, appointment reminders, and emergency response system) You have standard SIP we can interface with.
  • We have added wireless triggers for emergencies. We have mobile apps that trigger internal page messages and external voice calls, text messages, and mass message announcements. As a result- you and your customer stay connected.
  •  Niche products may require some local sources & support. We have a national set of dealers that can help. Ultimate is your service partner for these niche applications using remote assistance for installs, training, being a continual consultant for ongoing support and changes.
Software that makes contact illustration
Our Mission: Software that makes Contact.


the “Kiss” Method – still a winner!

Keep it Super Simple – With that in mind, we created SimpliFYI. SimpliFYI is a simple way to send messages (text & email) and manage responses. For example, send a message to all Registered Nurses about an open shift tonight. If you have no quick answer, expand the possible substitutes to all LPN’s & RN’s & BINGO! Someone can help. This application would fit schools, manufacturing & retail during the holidays. Staffing is an issue SimpliFYI is the answer.

Texting Console illustration

People respond to the numbers they recognize. One of the unique new features is that we can now ghost most business line numbers for text messages! That has not been possible until now. Add the Texting Console aspect of SimpliFYI, and you have an organized plan that anyone can use. – in other words: Keep It Super Simple!

Administrators can respond from the interface, and the response goes back to the cell phone as a text or to the sender’s email address. This interface allows you to manage hundreds of communications with ease. Centralize communications with our online service. As you can expect, we would love to show you call this application. We have four short user videos so that anyone can learn. Roy Catron 262.853.65111 or 262.789.9654

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