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A Case Study

Realtime Appointment Reminders. Ultimate worked with a local dealer in the west to help a customer that serves the residents that need transportation. The residents may be older and need a ride to the doctor. Others may be unable to drive and need a ride to work. In this case, we are talking about thousands of trips every month.

The challenge is letting the resident know when the ride will arrive. Traffic, weather, and distance can delay the planned arrival time. These residents can’t wait in the rain if the ride is late. The company can’t call everyone all the time. The transportation company software has real-time traffic updates. What Ultimate does is take these updates and calls or texts the resident about arrival times.

What Ultimate does is take these updates and calls or texts the resident about arrival times. Realtime Appointment Reminders! Residents recognize the caller ID number and name, so they answer the call. The message is personalized (mentions the rider’s name) to the resident with text to speech technology. 

Send any Message to Anyone at any Time
    ” Hi, Bob Jones, this is Transportation Service Company. Your scheduled ride is at 2:00 this afternoon. Again, Mister Jones, this is Transportation Service Company. Your appointed time is at 2:00 this afternoon. Your trip is delayed by ten minutes due to the weather. Your new scheduled time is 2:10 this afternoon. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Again, your scheduled time is now 2:10 today. If you must reschedule, you may press any key on your phone, if you press any key on your phone this call will be transferred to our dispatching service team. We look forward to seeing you at about 2:10 today. Thank you for allowing Transportation Service Company to serve you. Goodbye. 

The keys to this successful application are our integration to the company scheduling software. The text to speech personalization of the messages. We insert the resident name and scheduled pickup time. Additional benefits available are: multiple languages, call reports, text updates, and in this case, they can contact all residents with occasional “public service information” as needed.

This unique integration has now become a standard feature for our real-time appointment reminders. Call us for more information about these personalized calls and reminders for any real-time delivery, time-sensitive information, or appointment reminder needs you to manage. Some examples: prescription fulfillment, transportation services (airline, cab services, school bus arrivals), stock market updates, service appointment delays, supply chain inventory alerts).

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