Standard billing

Doing business with Ultimate

Installation & Equipment (if needed)

We now use standard billing for all accounts: the installation costs and hardware supplies are due before installation. For example, if our remote assistance is $435.00 and the local interface is $635.00, the invoice would be $1070.00 and is due upon receipt. That example would be for a school bell program; other services might have an installation of less than $300.00 for something like SimpliFYI. After the down payment is processed, the installation date is scheduled. (We invoice via PayPal, & they process any major credit or debit account)


Usage is tracked and billed for calls, texts, or emails sent. Reports are a standard part of each product – we track and bill for the past month like any typical phone service or utility bill. Some school bells have low usage or no additional fee, while SimpliFYI might be about $45. Like a phone bill, it is for messages sent (like voice, text, emails, and so forth). Again, this is month to month and can be great for seasonal business or annual events for a non-profit. 

We Now Bill Like The Phone Company – In Arrears. For Service, Usage, & Any Labor & Hardware.

If You Are A Dealer You Take These Bills And Rebill them To Your Customers.


Again, we use standard billing for all accounts: the subscription includes service support and any ongoing training needed. The school bell program subscription is $60 per month for one local interface. The SimpliFYI subscription is normally around $10 per month. (The invoice is itemized, see a sample below*). This is a month-to-month agreement; the customer can stop the service anytime.


Set-up or as-needed Costs

  • Installation (remote assistance) $435.00
  • Hardware (interface & programming) $635.00 Downpayment $1070.00

Ongoing – month-to-month service

  • Subscription (support & service) $60.00 (month-to-month service)
  • Usage (for texts, calls, or emails) $45.00 (based on the usage from the prior month) – Remember, reports are standard with our applications.

So from these examples, a school bell program may be a $60.00 monthly subscription, and the SimpliFYI customer will pay the 10-dollar subscription and what was used the past month.

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