Send text promotions from your main business number then get text responses at a central web-based interface. Contact Them works with your data out of the box.
Text messages can come to your main business number while live calls come in as usual. Blend this with our web-based real-time com-box for text and emails.
All this adds up to a marketing service engine that calls, texts, and emails without demanding a lot of costly staff. You can customize an interface to automate the process and
Several Examples
  • Target regular restaurant customers. Send a special two meals for the price of one and extended happy hour to help fill the seats on slower days.
  • Send a text or audio message for a contest. “Win ten free replacement windows. Press any key and be transferred to our on-staff team and the 50th contact will win!”
  • The majority of calls today go to voice mail, BUT if they answer you want instant live interaction with one-touch to connect – Contact Them gives that to your staff.

Promotional Features

·         Calls & texts reflect your business number
·         One-touch transfer to your staff at the office
·         Build scripts ahead of time or as needed
·         Thirty or more languages with multiple voice actors
·         Text to speech
·         Combine your audio and text into one message
·         Reports
·         Personalized messages
·         Cloud service or network-based management of messages
·         Schedule the time and pace of the message distribution
·         Message inventory indicator
·         Blackout hours
·         Multiple retries as needed
·         Record audio in your voice
·         Static messages and groups
·         Dynamic messages and groups

Try SimpliFYI

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