Streaming Signal from Ultimate

If you can page now, you can page with our Streaming Signal from Ultimate. We require no expensive hardware replacement. Avoid expensive installation, wiring, and waiting for a government grant – we may fit into your current budget, Using the Streaming Signal app is as easy as 1,2,3:
First, order a Zone Interface for less than 100 dollars.
Second,  plug & page with Streaming Signal! (seriously)
Finally, try it for free before setting up an account.
I know this is so bold you will want to call and try. We will walk you through the parts and process – Email us now and we will call you back.

Streaming Signal

You push a button on your cell phone, or office phone speak or record your announcement then press star * and hang up.
The announcement and visual directive is placed or can be scheduled for later delivery.


         Our Ultimate connection sends the message to one zone

·         Make a page with a business or cell phone

·         The signal (visual and/or audio)  plays through a new or existing paging system

·         Each zone interface costs less than 100 dollars

·         Multi-casting to update existing sites

Great for schools, factories, any organization that needs to page for information or emergencies. No page interruptions and emergencies can have a priority status.

Try Streaming Signal from Ultimate

We can send a simple setup and general account for your office computer.

Premise technology for paging has been lagging behind networks, telecom, surveillance, and alarm systems (both fire and intrusion). Finally, Ultimate has found the answer for existing systems or new units with Streaming Signal & it is budget-friendly: in fact, you can try it for free!

Some new school paging systems cost tens of thousands. Rewiring an existing building is a nightmare, current IP systems can demand to much bandwidth to be practical. Most new proposals require separate networks preventing the integration used for decades and now unavailable or beyond most budgets.