Staffing Services

Recruiting volunteers or extra staff requires communications. Our application can target specific groups or individuals from your database. Contact anyone the way they prefer, but consider this today: 

50% of all people prefer text over all communications – 77% of people under 35!

Cell phones are the key communication tool for business, and SimpliFYI

is software that bundles this into an excellent user interface. Now you can use business lines for text messaging (inbound and outbound).

SimpliFYI creates a text chat box with your customers, membership, or constituents. Update inventory, fill staffing needs, target specific groups in real-time with SimpliFYI.

Let’s consider your staffing issues by reviewing a customer comment: →  →   →  →  →   →

“Ultimate has helped us fill staff positions at our hospital for many years. The newest application is easier, faster, and better in many ways. The support has been excellent over the years, and now the billing and maintenance are more straightforward too. I asked the scheduler if I should renew.  She said, ‘if I didn’t it would be like cutting off her left arm!’

Nancy Stratman

Medical Manager , Cuyuna Regional Medical Center


Staffing shifts

• Medical centers, schools, distribution centers & others need to fill shifts at the last minute – SimpliFYI can help.
• We help you contact qualified personnel. Staff are organized by skillset, & times available and are contacted quickly. Those contacted can respond and the message comes to our web-based message center. – SimpliFYI can help.
• If your first request goes without all sports being filled you can expand the list by selecting an additional category. Again, SimpliFYI can help and you can try it for free – just press the button below & sign up.

Now non-profits can recruit volunteers by service interest

As membership grows and service projects change you can target communications to member interests. For example, someone may be interested in building projects and not food distribution. When adding them to your database, you can have keywords like Saturday, building projects, southside. So, they would only get an email or text about a building project on a Saturday and the south side of town. Targeted messages recruit more people and reduce annoying communications.

Let’s consider the hospitality industry:

A customized SimpliFYI for hotels we call it Cellular InnService

• Guest cell phones gain hotel services through Cellular InnService.
• Upon check-in guests receive a text with quick access numbers to Room Service, Front Desk, and housekeeping for example.
• Upon checkout the key number access is deleted and a survey link or discount thank you coupon link is provided.
• Trigger wake-up calls, update/inform residents, display room status, and more.
• Properties generate revenue through timely text and reminder services – we can integrate to your PMS (Property Management System)
• Staff can amend room status and work progress with Cellular InnService.
• Existing hotels can enhance communications without replacing or buying new telecom hardware.
• Growing resorts can expand to cloud communication services and link to current PMS systems.
• Small properties can operate without a phone system.


Our communications box keeps things organized. Our web interface responses are real-time & time-stamped. Answers have an audio signal for any administrator. Any administrator can respond from the interface, and the response goes back to the cell phone as a text or to the sender’s email address. This interface allows you to manage hundreds of communications with ease.