Appointment Reminder

“Ultimate has been confirming our appointments for years. They have adjusted & customized the software as our needs have changed. One surprise has been how fast they have made these changes when needed.”
George Dukic – IT Director, Chestnut Counseling Service

Message reminders confirm appointments increase profit. Using Appointment Reminder Software (ARS) to send any reminder to anyone at any time. These prompts can confirm appointments, deliveries, and increase participation. Text reminders certify deliveries save time – more deliveries, more results. Digital prompts increase participation – enhance life – great for non-profit recruiting.

Appointments & deliveries reminders
Automated – integrated – scalable

Ultimate has been making appointment reminder software for over a decade. We have learned three essential considerations: A scalable system, an automated process, and integration with your scheduling software.  Again, three requirements we have discovered for your positive experience: First, integrated into the customer database. Second,  automated routines & make it appear as a local connection. Finally, make it scalable for small or large organizations. Text messages can certify deliveries saving time. Digital prompts increase participation enhancing life.

Reminders can confirm appointments or transfer for changes.

  • Maintain security – customer data, so, the application can be in your office on your network. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Reminders can include the date, time, office location, and professional.
  • Best of all you use the scheduling software you are using now.
  • Save time – reach hundreds in a timely fashion.
  • Get results – more appointments or if someone needs to reschedule, get it done now, and replace it with a patient needing help today.
  • Generate reports – see who confirmed.
  • Reduce staff turnover – turn the hated routine of reminder calls into valuable employee service.
  • Send the message in the language best for the patient.

Automated & Integrated – our software integrates with your scheduling software makes reminders fully or semi-automatic. Send telephone calls, text, and or email reminders out every second or spread them out over time – you set the pace (by spreading them out you can manage live transfers for schedule changes.) Message reminders confirm appointments increase profit.

More communication creates better customer relationships. Ultimate makes this happen with less investment and employee assistance. Scalable service – Priced for any small company, yet has big business features. Deliveries (any item that requires a delivery and acceptance), Professionals (consultants architects attorneys) home sales & service appointments, salons, mechanics HVAC, pool services, financial services, and so forth. Our software sends the message to clients, customers, or staff; these reminders are sent by voice (telephone call), text (SMS), or email message. 

Any message, Any time, Any device!

Calls appear to come from your office (the text messages can too!) Reminders can confirm an appointment. Reports document the calls, texts, and emails. The service is fully automatic or semi-automatic. Personalized messages for one or many offices. Live calls can be transferred directly to your scheduling manager. (← ←link to a sample call) Digital prompts increase participation in non-profit events and this enhances life!