Automated - Integrated - Scalable

Three essential items you need when confirming appointments: A scalable system, an automated process integrated with your scheduling software. Ultimate has been making appointment reminder software for over a decade. Again, three requirements we have discovered for your positive experience:

(1) Integrated to the customer database

(2) Automated routines, & make the service

(3) Scalable so that any business can afford it.


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George Dukic

IT Director

“Ultimate has been confirming our appointments for years. They have adjusted & customized the software as our needs have changed. One surprise has been how fast they have made these changes when needed.”

George Dukic, IT Director – Chestnut Counseling Services


Deliveries (any items that requires a delivery and acceptance), Professionals (consultants architects attorneys) home sales & service appointments, salons, mechanics HVAC, pool services, financial services and so forth.

More communication creates better customer relationships. Ultimate makes this happen with less investment and employee assistance. Scalable service – Priced for any small company, yet has big business features available.
Our software sends the message to clients, customers, or staff; these reminders are sent by voice (telephone call), text (SMS), by email message. Any message, Any time, Any device!
  • Calls appear to come from your office (the text messages can too!)
  • Reminders can confirm an appointment
  • Reports document the calls, texts, and emails
  • Fully automatic or semi-automatic operations
  • Personalized messages for one or many offices
  • Live calls can be transferred directly to your scheduling manager

Feature set for the medical community:

Automated & Integrated – our software integrates with your scheduling software makes reminders fully or semi-automatic. Send telephone calls, text, and or email reminders out every second or spread them out over time – you set the pace (by spreading them out you can manage live transfers for schedule changes.) More appointments equal more profit.
  • Maintain security – customer data, so, the application can be in your office on your network. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Reminders can include the date, time, office location, and the professional.
  • Best of all you use the scheduling software you are using now.
  • Save time – reach hundreds in a timely fashion.
  • Get results – more appointments or if someone needs to reschedule, get it done now, and replace it with a patient needing help today.
  • Generate reports – see who confirmed.
  • Reduce staff turnover – turn the hated routine of reminder calls into valuable employee service.
  • Send the message in the language best for the patient.